Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Uproar on the Lakeshore: By The Numbers

The number of teams participating (Gotham Girls, Philly, Charm City, Windy City, Minnesota, Madison, Rocky, Oly, Bay Area Derby, Texas, Kansas City and Nashville). Coincendently, 12 different states are also being represented (New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, Washington, California, Texas, Missouri and Tennessee).

The combined 2010 win-loss record of all 12 teams playing. The best record belongs to Gotham (see below), while the worst record belongs to Madison at 3-8.

The number of times Gotham has lost in 2010 action, both regular season and post-season region play. Their impressive 10-0 run bests Oly who was the only other team to go undefeated in regular season, but Rocky ended an impressive win streak at West Region playoffs. Oly and Rock Mountain both have a 11-1 record for 2010.


Approximate tournament seating capacity.

Hydra Trophy, the Women's Flat Track Derby Association's championship trophy. The award is named for Hydra, one of the founding WFTDA members and the association's first president. It was first awarded to Gotham in 2008 at the Northwest Knockdown.
Teams that are competing in the tournament also won the WFTDA championship previously. Only Gotham and Oly have been awarded the Hydra since its inception.

feet of tape used to tape down the track and rope.

of the 12 teams competing are ranked No. 10 or higher on Derby News Networks' post -regional power rankings for October 2010: Rocky Mountain (No.1), Gotham (No. 2), Oly (No. 3), Philly (No. 4), Bay Area (No. 5), Charm City (No. 9) and Windy City (No. 10).