Monday, November 8, 2010

Unedited: Gotham-Texas, 11/06/201

The No. 1 team in the East, Gotham, solved Texas' defense on Nov. 6, 2010, which looked so strong at South Central regionals, taking away the Texecutioners ability to control the pace of the pack at Uproar on the Lakeshore, the 2010 championship tournament for the Women's Flat Track Derby Association.

The Texecutioners, ranked 2nd in the South Central region tournament, had to play Gotham, who had a first round bye and were ranked No. 2 in the world by Derby News Network's post-regional power rankings, after taking on Bay Area Derby in the first day of championship tournament play.

TXRG's No. 76 Curvette was boxed for a major cut in the second jam of the first half, spelling a trend that would continue as the Texecutioners would struggle for control with lighter packs, whereas Gotham controlled the packs easier with just two or three blockers on the floor.

At 20:22, Gotham earned lead and got out of the sixth jam with a one-point advantage despite having two blockers in the box.

Texas called a timeout at 18:30 trying to curb Gotham's point run, but Sarah only gets 1 point after securing lad.

Suzie Hotrod and Bonnie Thunders earned lead jammer three times back-to-back-to-back, with a 24-point run and four grand slams. Gotham's defense would step up, holding the jammer back on her initial pass and denying their pack exit in Jam 11 and Jam 12 for over 3 minutes. Luce Bandit would finally break free from the pack on her initial pass with only 24 seconds remaining in the jam clock, while Sarah Hipel got stuck on her initial pass in Jam 12 for 1 minute, 26 seconds.

Gotham's game plan would be pretty clear: Secure lead jammer for the girls from New York City, and minimize the time that Texas could score.

Gotham’s Kandy Kakes played some solid defense at the top of the pack, before Lucille Brawl drops her with a big hit in Jam 15, but again Gotham held the Texas jammer, Olivia Shootin' John to her initial pass for 1 minute, 30 seconds. Meanwhile Bonnie Thunder had exited the pack, earned lead and began her scoring pass within 24 seconds of the jam start, scoring four points and calling it off.

The first big blow to Gotham's offense came when the jam ref boxed Suzy Hotrod for a gross misconduct for leaving her feet while making contact with an opposing skater. Known for her fancy and quick footwork, Hotrod was jumping the apex as often as possible, but this time she made contact with a Texas player and made her first trip to the penalty box.

Texas' Bloody Mary would earn lead 20 seconds into the jam, but remained scoreless.

The Texecutioners would regroup in the last three jams of the first half, earning lead in all of them and putting 13 points on the board, with two grand slams at 5 points apiece — as Texas trapped Gotham's Swede Hurt No. 46 in the back — to make it 65-39 and edge into Gotham's lead.

After the break, Gotham's defense would hold Texas to 3 points for 6 minutes, 30 seconds to begin the half with New York's jammers scoring a combined 51 points, partial thanks to a second-jam power jam opportunity from Hotrod. Suzy picked up lead with 1:45 left in the jam and a 4-5-5-5-4 run (as Texas' Curvette and Crackerjack sat in the penalty box), before a boxed Bloody Mary was released with nine seconds remaining in the jam.

In jam 10 of the second half, Suzie picked up lead with 1:28 to go on the jam clock, as Sarah Hiple was called on a major block to the back. Hotrod would earn a grand slam and four points as Hiple would be released from the box and exit her initial pass with 27 seconds left on the jam clock, before Hotrod successfully called off the jam. Olivia Shootin' John would earn lead in Jam 11, with just under a minute left in the jam, but a major forearm call would negate her ability to call off the jam, meanwhile Bonnie Thunder completed her initial pass with 36 seconds left and pick up a grand slam to make the score 116-42 in Gotham's favor with 12:30 remaining in the game.

Belle Star, Texas' derby libero, would make a big hit on Suzie Hotrod at the top of the pack to hold the Gotham jammer to a single grand slam, but was called for a major forearm in the process. With lead and five points, Suzie called the jam after OSJ re-entered the track from the box and made her initial pass with 41 seconds left in the jam.

The pack would go into clock control in the 13th jam, delaying the jammer start by seven seconds. Hyper Lynx rocketed through the pack to earn lead within 10 seconds of the jammer start, as Gotham held Bloody Mary back before releasing her with 1:19 left. Lynx would score four points before calling it off in Gotham's favor 125-42 with 9:27 left in the bout.

Texas would try everything they could to get back on the board, but Gotham shut down the Texecutioner's ability to earn lead, only giving it up once in the remaining six jams. Gotham's 26-8 point swing and two multiple scoring passes for Bonnie Thunder at the end kept the game out of reach for Texas.