Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Unedited: Charm City versus Minnesota 11/05/2010

Friday's second game of Uproar on the Lakeshore pitted North Central darlings, the Minnesota  Roller Girls, against the third seed from the  east, Charm City, in a game where Charm started  establishing their dominance at the start-stop  pack control early on.

Charm's Joy Collision, No. 747 lined up on the jammer line against MNRG's No. 91, Suzie Smashbox. Neither jammer would earn lead, but the Charm City defense held Smashbox to just three scoring passes, while Joy picked up four with a 10-16 point spread.

Minnesota would fail to earn lead in the next four jams, but kept the point spread close, keeping it within six points, 21-27, with 20:49 left in the first half.

L'exi Cuter, Scarmen Hellectra and Psycho Novia would pick up the heavy lifting to pull Minnesota back in the lead, earning lead in the next three jams, picking up 5, 4-1, and 4 scoring passes respectively.

However Hellectra would be sent to the box for a block to the back and Charm's Just Carol capitalized on the power jam, earning lead and scoring 19 points, 1 point short of four grand slams because of a no pass, no penalty call.

With that effort Charm City pulled back into the lead, 35-52 with 14:17 left in the game. 

L'exi Cuter would earn lead again, this time against Alli B. Back, No. T2, but Charm's Mistress May Eye, No. 10, and Rosie the Rioter, No. 100, practically stop L'exi cold on the track, stuffing any chance at multiple scoring passes, forcing L'exi to settle for four points and calling it off.

Killaman Jaro, No. 9, jamming for MNRG would make it through the pack first against No. 1618 I.M. Pain, but get boxed for a fourth minor. Declared "not lead," Pain would pick up three scoring passes for maximum points, earning 15 points for Charm to extend their lead 44-60 with 10:04 remaining in the half.

Minnesota would call a timeout, but unable to make up much of the difference, found themselves trying to claw out of an increasing hole. Minnesota's Smashbox would get boxed in two different jams, one for a major track cut and for picking up her fourth minor. Hellectra would be the only jammer to finish the first half with a multiple scoring passes in the last 10 jams.

Meanwhile Charm picked up five jams with multiple scoring passes in those same jams to end the half with a 58-109 lead.

Penalties and lack of Lead Jammer calls in their favor spelled Minnesota's demise in the first half. Smashbox started in the box wearing the jammer star, exit, and get called back for her fourth minor, and Pain would capitalize, earning lead and picking up a 5-5-5-5 scoring pass.

Minnesota would earn lead three times in eight jams, as Charm picked up the lead and racked up more points or cut into Minnesota's scoring opportunities. With more than 24 minutes remaining in the second half, Charm lead 148-72. 

I.M. Pain would pick up lead and 10 points in Jam 12, and Lady Quebaum would add to Charm's score earning lead and 12 points in a 5-4-3 jam, missing two points for a minor cut and a no pass-no penalty.

Charm's defense would continue to execute when called upon, speeding up to keep Minnesota's jammer, declared lead, from earning any points against their Just Carol, who earned 4. Pain would go on to two more multi-scoring passes with lead jammer extending the margin with a 37-3 point differential against her opposing jammer. Holden Grudges jammmed to give Pain a rest between her 37 point run, earning lead and putting up 19 points of her own, helping Charm put the game out of reach for MNRG 237-100 with less than 10 minutes left to play.

Joy Collision blocked L'exi Cuter at the top of the pack, holding her to just 17 points in the last jam of the game. Collision would get boxed for a clockwise block, joining Grudges in Charm City's penalty box, but Minnesota didn't have much of a chance.

Charm won 249-119, advancing to play Rocky Mountain on Day 2 of the championship tournament.