Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Unedited: Oly-Nashville 11/05/2010

Defending champions Oly would be a difficult matchup for Nashville, who were bit of an underdog in the South Central regional tournament just to play at Uproar on the Lakeshore. Plagued by mental errors, Nashville suffered at the hands of Oly, who capitalized on every opportunity the Music City Allstars gave them.

Oly's fast pack, evidence of a heavy speed skating background, would hold Nasville to five points to their 50 in just 3 minutes and 26 seconds of the first whistle. Rambo Sambo mustered 4 points, while Maulin' Monroe earned just 1 point, with 16:34 in the first half.

Sambo would go on the defensive with the jammer star in the sixth jam, earning lead before slowing down Oly's Licker N Split, No. 523, enough to suck her back into the pack and then earning three points before calling the jam.

Nasvhille's Showstopper dropped Scara 2 Death hard in the center track to force her to call the jam with a 9-0 point swing in Oly's favor.

A phantom whistle in Jam 12 would confuse everyone on the track when skaters thought they heard four whistles and some returned to their bench. Sambo was albe to pick up five more points than Split, before the jam would officially end and the referees would call an official timeout to sort out the source of the whistle with 8:47 to go in the first half.

Tannibal Lector, No. 9 for Oly, would jump a fallen skater in Jam 13 to earn lead and a 4-2 score pass versus Monroe's 3 points.

Lector would intentionally pick up her fourth minor in Jam 18, in which Sambo and Harmony Killerbruise would jam. Killerbruise would get boxed for a track cut major, and Nashville's defense force Oly's lead blockers out of play to spring Rambo for lead and earning 7 points, before Oly's jammer exited the box, completed her intial pass, and could begin her scoring pass.

In Jam 19, Clitty Clitty Bang Bang, No. 9mm and rail-thin jammer for Oly, was boxed for a major track cut, but Monroe was unable to earn lead jammer for Nashville because of a minor track cut. With the jam going two minutes, Nashville failed to recoginze opposing skaters coming out of the box for a possible trap on two different occasions to optimize the power jam opportunity. Instead they chased after the front Oly blockers, and neither team was able to score any points to end the half 94-40 for Oly.

Oly's control in the second half would contain Nashville's jammers to a paltry 13 points: Sambo, 8 points in three jams; and Lady Fury (No. 5ft3), 5 points in two jams, the lone scorers for Music City.

Mental errors plagued Nashville's jammers, too. Maulin Monroe earned lead in Jam 12 of the second half, but doesn't call the jam despite Automatric initiating her scoring pass, giving up 5 points to Oly and burning precious time off the game clock.\

Oly's defense and offense gelled in the last 8 jams of the game: Their jammers scoring 64 points (10 grand slams at 5 points apiece) while holding Nashville to 3 points, as another Cinderella story gets knocked out of the national tournament.

Oly's win earned them a shot at the North Central region tournament champions, the Windy City Rollers, on Day 2 of the WFTDA championships.