Thursday, September 22, 2011

Western Regional Preview - A five questions with D-Bomb

Due to a family emergency, I wasn't able to get a full writeup of the Western Regional Tournament. I was on the road for over 10 hours in the last two days and haven't gotten much sleep.
For something a little different, I present to you a Q&A with Oly's D-Bomb.

Q: What's your full derby name, full real name, derby number, your position(s) with the Cosa Nostra's and how long have you been with the team.

A: My name is Devon Tamaccio, derby name is D-Bomb #8. I generally am a pivot. This is my 3rd year as an Oly roller.
Q: Oly won the 2009 WFTDA championships, and came up slightly short of a repeat in 2010 against Rocky Mountain in the final game. How has that loss affected your overall seasonal gameplan? Have you adjusted anything?

A: I can't say that to much has changed. We do have that 1 point loss in the back of our minds at all times though.
Q: You're 9-0 for the 2011 season including some measure of revenge against Rocky in your June 4 contest against them. Currently you're considered the best team in the West and a favorite to Top 4 in Championships if not win the whole thing. Is it easier to prepare when your at the top of the list in Westerns?

A: Not at all. It adds so much pressure. Its so much easier to go into any tournament as a lower seed.
Q: Which teams in the West, besides Oly, have the best chance at getting a Top 3 spot in the regional tournament and advancing to Championships and why?

A: I think Rocky Mountain is a given to be in the top 3. They have such amazing skaters and teamwork. I also think Denver has a great chance. They are so strategic. You can never count out Bay Area or Rose City, both are very aggressive and talented also.
Q: Oly is famous for its plethora of speed skaters on the team. Can you talk a little bit about the advantages with having a speed skating core?

A: I think if you have any sort of skating background it helps. Your body is able to react a bit faster and you don't have to think about as much. It just becomes automatic.