Sunday, September 4, 2011

Web posting - August 2011

It's been a pretty slow month as far as posting things online. I bought a house at the end of July and the entire month of August was pretty much taken up by moving and getting the new place set up. With only one post for the month, I still managed to see 266 hits for the month.

August was the fourth most hits has gotten since its inception. We're looking forward to keeping the coverage going and developing new relationships with players, coaches, vendors, etc., in the hopes of bringing fresh coverage to roller derby.

With Championship season getting underway in a few weeks, look for several posts about the upcoming regionals and some live coverage from Denver. 

Hits     Month

266    August 2011
424    July 2011
168    June 2011
317    May 2011
146    April 2011
222    March 2011
182    February 2011
098    January 2011
121    December 2010
379    November 2010
190    October 2010
050    September 2010