Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bout day - Sept. 10, 2011

Today, I'm headed over to Chicago to watch the last home game of Windy City's travel season Windy City's last home game before the Regionals. In a double header that features the Second Wind (taking on Ohio, I think), the All-Stars (10-1) will play Kansas City Roller Warriors (7-1). Windy City, ranked 9th on DNN power rankings for September 2011, will challenge KCRW, ranked 7th, in a contest surely to have implications on the next power rankings and the WFTDA Championship tournament.

Chicago bested Kansas City 155-39 the last time these two played September 20, 2008. Kansas City's only loss this season came at the hands of No. 1 Oly Rollers, while Windy City fell to Bay Area Derby during the Golden Bowl, for Chicago's only loss in an impressive season.

There's no shortage of roller derby in Chicago. The Chicago Outfit's Syndicate, No. 20 on DNN and 8th in the North Central Region, takes on Brew City, NC7. The 8-4 Syndicate looks to add another impressive win on their inaugural full season as they head into Regional play.

In Iowa, the Old Capitol City Roller Girls of Iowa City take on Cedar Rapids' Helldorados.