Tuesday, November 15, 2011

WFTDA Championships: Bout 2 – Rocky Mountain versus Nashville

Deranged (27) would get boxed in the first jam for a Major Cut, giving Nashville’s Rambo Sambo (M60) a lead jammer and a quick call to take advantage of the early Rocky Mountain penalty.
Nashville’s jammer, Rambo, would commit her own cutting penalty after earning lead, releasing Deranged to score three 5-point grandslams to Rambo’s 4 points. Nashville’s Slaya (1970) exhibited some great front-pack booty blocking to hold Triple Shot Misto (7423) back on her first pass. Misto would still earn lead jammer and 8 points in the third jam.

Rocky’s Frida Beater (202) would open up the score for the 5280 Fight Club, earning lead and a 24-point jam when Nash’s Rock Nasty (14) would go to the box for a Fourth Minor for a Cutting penalty.

Despite penalty trouble for Rocky, including Psycho Babble for a High Block, Misto for a Major Cut and Deranged twice in the same jam, the Fight Club held a 60-21. Deranged would be released in the 10th jam, earning lead and a 16-point jam thanks to an Outside Offensive Block by Urrk’n Jerk’n (00) and the refs sending Rambo to the box for a  Fourth Minor on a Forearm penalty.

Nashville fought back, but Rocky would answer and get the better of the exchanges, taking a 101-41 lead into the second half.

Rocky’s defense tightened up, holding Nashville to just 7 points in the first 10 minutes of the second.

In the second half’s 7th jam, Urkk’n would earn lead and score 5 points, before passing the star to Pyscho Babble, who was boxed for the illegal procedure. Later it was ruled that Psycho had never actually relinquished the star properly. Rocky’s Amanda Jamitinya (9) and DeRanged would key in on Nashville jammer Four-Leaf Roller (318), forcing the Nash jammer to commit a Track Major.

Nashville calls a timeout at 14:25, and everyone looks visibly winded. With a 138-51 lead, Rocky would again lock down the Nashville offense, holding them to 7 points. The Fight Club jammers continued rolling, scoring a collective 60 points in 14 minutes to win the game, 198-58. Penalty trouble haunted Nashville, handicapping their ability to score. Rambo Sambo would be boxed twice in those lasting minutes of the game, once for a Major Cut and another for a Fourth Minor on a Cut penalty. Her teammate Rock Nasty would also be boxed for a Cut Major. The Fight Club in turn managed six Lead Jammers in 9 Jams, and converted on multiple scoring passes three times.