Friday, October 7, 2011

North central region tournament - Brew city vs. ohio

The best game of the first day was Arch Rivals versus The Chicago Outfit, but sadly we arrived late and missed the first half. So I settled for write-ups of Ohio-Brew City and Detroit-Brew City.

In Ohio's first foray into the North Central Region Tournament, they put up a greater effort than I think most gave them credit for. Keeping the game close in the face of Brew City's devastating defense lead by Servin' Justice, a wrecking ball at the top of the pack, and the Black-and-Gold's deep roster of star scorers.

In the second game, No. 7 Brew City maintained much of the control in the game versus No. 10 Ohio, grabbing an overall 50 percent average at earning Lead Jammer in the first half. A mental error by Ohio helped Brew City keep contol of the matchup, despite several box trips and a misconduct upgraded to a gross, and subsequent expulsion of Milwaukee jammer Zotay, No. 716.

While only a marginal lead at the half, Brew City's 44-30 spread would portend the final outcome. After Zotay's expulsion, Milwaukee relied heavily on a jammer rotation of Carrie A. hacksaw, High D. voltage and Moby Nipps. The trio scored only 27 of 39 points post Zoltay's exit, instead focusing on keeping Ohio's scoring to a minimum at 24 points.

Brew City moved on with a final score of 104-78, to play No. 2 seeded Detroit in the second round. I believe Ohio will play Cincinnati at 11 a.m. Saturday.