Tuesday, July 12, 2011

B Train and Wicked

I finished up my hybrid interview with B Train of Wicked Skatewear yesterday. The interview is kind of a hodging and podging of e-mail Q&A and phone conversation. 

Lucky for me I got some great audio, so I'm hoping I can upload a clip here (if not somewhere else).

It'll accompany a piece I'm working on about derby entrepreneurs (spelling, holy jeeze the French have hard words) that may or may not hit print in the near future. I haven't officially pitched it yet, and had just planned on posting it as a blog.

Plus, the conversation with B sparked a reminder about an idea I had several months ago. I need to write down an outline and put it together.

My piece on transgender skaters made it into Five on Five, so if you're a subscriber or someone interested in trans policies throughout North America, it might be worth it for you to pick. I was lucky enough to speak to a couple of women about their lives and roller derby. And hopefully I'll get a chance to talk to them again down the road.

The Five on Five piece is my first magazine clip, which is pretty exciting. I mostly get to write the occasional newspaper preview story about bands coming into the Quad-Cities and my annual Oscar preview. When Five on Five accepted and published my article, I was thrilled.

So here's to more articles ... and blogs.

I'll try and get an audio clip or a quote blurb here on fivepointgrandslam.com soon. In the meantime, I'm waiting on responses from four different skaters in regards to my By the Position series I'm planning. So far, no luck. But I'm holding out hope.

I had wanted to write it after I got some responses back from the skaters, rather than just my pontificating on the subject alone. I guess time will tell.