Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Web stats - May 2011

May 2011 turned out to be a big month for those of us at (well, OK, just me). At 317 hits, May has been the second biggest month since the blog started back in September 2010 (behind November 2010 at 379 hits), and thusly the biggest month for the year 2011, with an average of 193 hits per month.In the short start had in 2010, the site averaged 185 hits a month. As you can see, the site is growing. Even if slowly.

May's outstanding production came via some help. posted a link to the site that has helped drive some overseas web traffic our way (Thanks, Goregasm!). Live Derby Girls borrowed a quote from our "What's in a name?" article and linked out to the blog, which featured skaters playing under their real name.

In the meantime, I'm hoping to get another article up soon. I'm still waiting on some responses back, and if all else fails, I may have to just run with what I have.
I've been going back and cleaning up some of the blogs. I'm starting to add Tags at the end of the article. This is to ensure the Googles help those browsing the web find us.

I'm also looking for any and all help I can get. If you're interested in writing or adding photos/video, please contact me at trippcrouse (at) gmail (dot) com. (Hopefully I'll get an email account up specifically for

Here's the breakdown per month:
September 2010: 50
October 2010: 190
November 2010: 379
December 2010: 121
January 2011: 98
February 2011: 182
March 2011: 222
April 2011: 146 
May 2011: 317 

Ranking months per hits
379: Nov. 2010
317: May 2011
222: March 2011
190: Oct. 2010
182: Feb. 2011
146: April 2011
121: Dec. 2010
098: Jan. 2011
050: Sept. 2010