Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring cleaning

Five Point Grand Slam is dedicated to finding true stories in the derby community as well as working on getting various coverage from around the world.

We have some big plans coming up, most notably a feature story in Five on Five magazine hopefully. That particular issue is scheduled for the Fall.

I'm currently working on a couple of other stories -- perhaps for print or web (we're not quite sure yet). I will be talking with some of the people behind derby inspired businesses like Wicked and Pivot Star.

I have plans on talking with several roller derby photographers, and hopefully it will turn into a solid piece.

As Summer begins here in the Iowa farmland, roller derby will be entering its hottest season yet, filled with rivalries and competition as teams from all over compete for local, regional, national and global recognition.

Five Point Grand Slam is currently scheduling trips to Baltimore, Md., and Portland, Ore., for the East and Western regional tournaments respectively. Time will tell if we're able to make a repeat performance at Championals, hosted in Denver this year.

It is also a far-fetched idea that I may try to make it to Toronto for the Blood and Thunder World Cup of roller derby at the end of the year. I've always wanted to go to Toronto, and now I have my passport.

Our first birthday is coming up, and Five Point Grand Slam hopes to celebrate with a bang. I have plans of shedding the Blogger shell for the website in favor of an honest-to-God website (I'm slowly learning web design), and hopefully we can start giving more back to the derby community with better coverage.

If you would like to help contribute, I will gladly take the help. Just leave a comment below, with a way to contact you. We are always looking for writers, photographers and videographers to help keep the site up. Thanks.