Monday, April 25, 2011

Web stats

Thank you to everyone that reads

I actually have a few things in the works, such as a submission to Five on Five magazine. I plan to post some supplemental info here once the article is published.

I am always looking for article ideas. My blog "What's in a Name" has been one of the highest read for me, and I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from it. I'd love to continue finding stories like this and I want to tell the stories of others in the derby community.

I also plan on making it to Eastern and Western regionals, which will be a lot of traveling for me. I'm looking forward to seeing Portland, Oregon, and Baltimore, Mass.

I won't be going to the smaller events this year. Brew-Ha-Ha and RollerCon are a little out of my reach this year, but I really want to see the Coasts this year and I want to make it to Championals this year, too.

You the reader helped hit 222 page views in March 2011, which makes it the second highest month for readership. :D

Here's the breakdown per month:
September 2010: 50
October 2010: 190
November 2010: 379
December 2010: 121
January 2011: 98
February 2011: 182
March 2011: 222
April 2011: 80 (incomplete)

Ranking months per hits
379: Nov. 2010
222: March 2011
190: Oct. 2010
182: Feb. 2011
121: Dec. 2010
098: Jan. 2011
080: April 2011
050: Sept. 2010