Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Post-Back in Black

The bout against Iowa City's Old Capitol Roller Girls was awesome. I'm constantly in awe of how much professionalism and sportsmanship they have.

We lost 191-83, but considering we into the intermission 107-33, we had a better second half. If we had that kind of output in the first, the final scores would have been closer for sure.

Old Capitol locked on a pretty hardy defense in the first half, and their steady stream of jammers kept pulling away in the early jams. I think Iowa City scored something like 22 points before we were able to get on the board, which took about four or five minutes. That kind of deficit can be pretty intimidating, but the important thing was to never give up.

We never really lost sight of our goal, which was to see how we matched up against Iowa City compared with the last time we met them in October. Since that game, we'd played Eastern Iowa, Rockford and Peoria in pretty solid contests, only losing by 3 points to Rockford in our second matchup with the Ragdolls.

The Iowa City bout was a good test for us as we play Eastern Iowa again on March 26, and then we head up to Madison on April 2.