Friday, February 4, 2011

Bout day

(Editor's note: In addition to running and writing for, I also referee and/or coach for the Quad-City Rollers roller derby team based in Davenport, Iowa.)

This season has been pretty amazing with its series of ups and downs. The Quad-City Rollers as a league is coming off its third road win of the season (a season and all-time record for us) thanks in large part to the River Bend Bombers (A-team) win over the Eastern Iowa Outlaws and the Rock Island Line's wins in Rockford against their Rag Dolls and in Peoria against the Polka Bots (which came down to the last jam and only a one-point difference).

Tonight the Line gets a rematch with Rockford at our home venue the RiverCenter in Davenport, Iowa.

The lineups have been modified as both teams have had to deal with some losses. Rockford has added Jen Detta and Miso Thorny, two veteran skaters for Rockford. Needless to say, after looking at their roster, Rockford is coming to avenge the loss we handed them on their floor.

Tonight's game is a bit of a departure for us, as it's the first Friday night game we've played in awhile (if ever). And it should be a fun bout as Rockford is always a pleasure to play with. We've learned so much thanks to the continued relationship with their league and various skaters (Busty Assfault and Detta are former teammates of ours, and we've borrowed skaters from their team before).

While we're looking for a win tonight, we're also looking to build on our relationship with them and take something away from the bout to build onto ourselves.